April 2017 – Giant moss

Male Moss A giant grows at Aongatete. It’s not a tree or a fern or a flower – it’s a

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Meet Millie, the rat dog

A new volunteer has come to Aongatete forest to help the Project to control rats. She didn’t walk in carrying a bag

Meet Millie, the rat dog2019-11-20T00:54:21+00:00

January 2017 – Rata

Everyone loves the pohutukawa with its crimson canopy of flowers. But fewer people know its cousins, the rata trees and vines. White

January 2017 – Rata2017-01-09T09:44:31+00:00

December 2016 – Spiders

If you go into the forest at night and shine a torch around the tree trunks, you will see tiny pinpricks of

December 2016 – Spiders2016-12-15T22:47:07+00:00

November 2016 – Breakfast with the Birds

The overnight event at Aongatete Lodge was billed as ‘Breakfast with the Birds’. It could equally have been described as ‘Spying on

November 2016 – Breakfast with the Birds2016-11-15T20:26:27+00:00

October 2016 – the birds are back

Spring is here. The shining cuckoos are calling in the forest. They have spent the winter in the Solomon Islands and flown

October 2016 – the birds are back2016-10-15T22:28:24+00:00

August 2016 – Stoat busters

The nesting birds in the Aongatete forest are easy prey for stoats. But trapping stoats is difficult because they are smart animals,

August 2016 – Stoat busters2016-08-15T21:54:39+00:00

July 2016 – Kohekohe

Kohekohe flowers Mid-winter in the forest is a hungry time for nectar-feeding birds. They welcome the flowers of the kohekohe,

July 2016 – Kohekohe2016-07-15T16:39:40+00:00